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To pole jest wymagane do złożenia zamówienia.
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To pole jest wymagane do złożenia zamówienia.
To pole jest wymagane do złożenia zamówienia.
pola oznaczone - To pole jest wymagane do złożenia zamówienia. - są wymagane

! Welcome on my Website !

I am a dressage rider, since 1999 I constantly take part in many dressage competitions. For many years I’ ve been working with horses and riders of all abilities, levles and aspirations. Recently I’ ve started my own horse breeding as well. I work with horses everyday and I can' t imagine any other life style. That' s why horses that come to my stable get not only a home but a lot of my heart and care. Each horse is treated indvidually by me. I try to make my wards feel comfortable with the presence of human and co-operating with him.
For many years I' ve been looking around at horses market. Because of the fact that the number of people treating their animals in a bad way is continually rising I thought that Poland lacks safe pleaces to buy a horse. Many times in the past I met with situation when someone’ s so longed for horse comes to his stable and after some time it apears that when all tranquillzers stop working they are not able to put a headcollar. Leg and spine blockades stop working and the healing costs get on top of the owner. Well-fed mares prove to be preganat and well done horses prove to be two yeras old horses. Lucky are those who haven’t heared such storries or who weren’t faced with such surprice personally.
Horses I offer are completly healthly and they have no bad habits.Every day I presonally care about their safe and condition. They are different age, height, colour and ability levels, they have predispositions in various disciplines. However they all get substantial dressage foundation that guarantees them further progress and achieving sport success.

I encourage everyone to watch my website and horses alive as well. I prefer ambitious and compact horses, that’s why you can expect to meet them in my stable. I hope that horses bought in my stable will always tickle their owners’ fancy and will always satisfy them. The biggest success for me would be when my sold hoses became the showcase of my stable.

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